25 Nov 2015

Power cuts and notifications

We are lucky enough to have a swanky new fridge/freezer at home. It has an alarm to let you know if the door is left open. The alarm also sounds if the temperature rises above a set value.

The purpose of both alarms is obvious. The temperature alarm could trigger due to a failure, or because an unusually large amount of warm stuff has just been put inside. But if there were a power cut, we certainly wouldn't find out from the fridge. The exact failure that takes out the system would take out the notifications, too.

If your Tickbeat instance itself is subject to a power failure or other outage, it'll go down, just like a fridge. But, since Tickbeat is all about glancing at a single indicator to check everything's good, you'll find out - and the same applies to any of the unlimited number of subsystems that your beats and subsidiary Tickbeats are watching out for. Fail safe, as it were.

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